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Troubleshooting Guide: Mismatched Discount Percentages in Your Store
Troubleshooting Guide: Mismatched Discount Percentages in Your Store
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Sometimes you might see a discrepancy between the discount percentage you've set in Discounty and what is actually displayed on your store. This guide will help you understand why this happens and how to fix it.

How discounts are calculated and shown on stores:

Your store shows discounts based on the original and sale prices. For example, if the original price is $44 and the sale price is $38.5, the real discount would be 12.5%.

However, the discount might show up differently on your store, like 12% or 13%, because of how your store rounds numbers.

Common problems and solutions

1. Big difference in discount

Problem: There is a significant difference in the discount you have set and the discount that is live and shown on your store. For instance, you set a 20% discount, but it shows as 50%.

Reason: This usually happens if your product already had a discount before you used Discounty, meaning that it already had 'compare-at price'.

Example: If a product's original price was $100 and it was on sale for $70, and then you apply a 20% discount, the new price is $56. This makes it look like a 44% discount, not 20%.

Fix: Remove any old discounts from your products before you use Discounty. Please note that you should first deactivate Discounty campaign, then remove the previous discounts you had, and the reactivate the Discounty campaign. If you need help with this, our support team is here.

2. Small difference in discount

Problem: When you set a discount in your campaign, but the discount shown on your store is a little bit lower or higher. For instance, you set a 15% discount, but the store shows 14% or 16%.

Reason: This happens because of how your store rounds numbers.

Fix: You might need to change some settings in your theme code. If you're not sure how to do this, our support team can help.

3. Small difference with different currencies

Problem: When prices are converted to other currencies, the discount looks a bit off.

Reason: This may happen because of how your store rounds prices after currency conversions.

Fix: Turn off the 'Price rounding' option in your market settings. If that doesn't work, you might need to adjust some code in your store, and our support team can guide you through this.

Settings > Markets > Preferences > Price rounding

If you encounter any difficulty troubleshooting the issue, there's no need to worry! Our support team is always eager to assist you every step of the way. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us for personalized guidance and solutions tailored to your needs.

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