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General Discount & Clearance Sale
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General discount & clearance sale campaigns are a popular way to attract customers and boost sales. By offering discounts, whether through a percentage or fixed amount, you can entice customers to make purchases and clear out excess inventory. You can also set a new price for items. Let's dive into the essential steps involved in creating a general discount campaign.

Check this article for general steps of creating a campaign. In current article, we will focus on the configurations specifically related to 'General discount & clearance sale' campaigns.

1. Set the discount/pricing.

You can set the discount/pricing to percentage, fixed amount, or new price.

  • Percentage: When choosing a percentage-based discount, determine the percentage reduction you wish to offer. For example, you can offer a 10% discount on all products included in the sale.

  • Fixed amount: If you prefer a fixed amount discount, decide on the specific amount that customers will save. For instance, you might set a $10 discount on select items.

  • New price: You can also set a new price for the eligible products of the campaign, for instance, set all prices to $20.

2. Customize the cents.

To maintain a consistent appearance for your discounted prices, you have the option to set predefined decimals for your final prices. For example, you may choose to have all your discounted prices end in '0.99'. This ensures a uniform look across your products during the sale.

3. Keep current price and set a higher compare-at price.

Select this option to increase the original price of your product while maintaining its current selling price. For example, if your product is currently priced at $10 and you activate a 50% discount campaign with this option enabled, the selling price will stay at $10, while the compare-at price will be adjusted to $20, reflecting a 50% discount. If a compare-at price is already set, the selling price will remain unchanged, and the compare-at price will double accordingly for a 50% discount, as illustrated.

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